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Repositioning the IQ Brand

Working and running a business in South Africa has a mountain of issues which every CEO needs a tight rein on. Whilst they are surmountable, they come with challenges…and every now and again it seems the universe amuses itself by biting us where it hurts, and we have to adapt to survive or die. The COVID pandemic is one such example. Companies needed people who are easily adaptive, responsive to changing needs of doing business, reacting to new normal. Companies needed to get this quickly, swiftly before their competitors. In times like this you get to see your investment in your people flourish. Agile people are learned people, you grow them through focused training in and about your business. The truth is, you can’t think innovatively if you’re not deeply knowledgeable about how the company works and not constantly broadening the mind with new ideas. Business is dynamic, constantly changing and evolving. Another new normal is here, the impact and growing technologies. Your competitors are already in the space. Business is a race and the winners are the best trained.


We Support Our Client

Our consulting services has no cost. Our intent is to insure you get the most updated information on Skills Development Facilitator and BBBEE

Digital Training

Study online or offline on any of our 65 learnerships/qualifications Offline requires no data
Quizzes games to test learning

Performance Support

Learning content is presented on our IQ learning app. Complete learner support provided for online/offline solutions

Interactive Classroom

Interactive animated lessons presentation style. Webinar support.

Just-in-Time Training

Flexible learning option. Serves content when you need it.
Learning in small micro learning units to increase your attention.


Training today is more important than any time in history At IQ, we can help you use learning as your new competitive advantage. High quality and flexible, any time learning opportunities, the preferred institution for your corporate training and individual motivated training. We are highly valued by our clients by innovating in our space to make their learning journey successful, through our painfully pedantic client focus. We further valued through the industry aligned qualifications and services, our cutting-edge knowledge and skills to meet client needs with robust efficiency. Let us help you get ready. We can help…. 75% reduction in training costs 65% reduction in training time 40% increase in knowledge retention Significant reduction in training budgets 70% reduction of training management time


Learner Achievements




Years In Business


Whilst the need for a national BBBEE mechanism to foster economic dexterity for all South Africans is appreciated, it does place businesses under pressure to meet its obligations especially under tough economic times. IQ serves as a trusted partner advising and supporting our clients meet their obligations by leveraging all opportunities available. We have done this successfully leveraging skills development and the disabled strategy.

Industry Acknowledgements

Senior Managers serve various leadership roles on national stakeholder bodies impacting directly on policy matters. Some of these roles:

  • Deputy chairperson – QCTO
  • Chairperson – ETDPSETA
  • Chairperson APPETD – Association of Private Training Providers
  • Chairperson Quality Assurance Committee- QCTO
  • Member of Kwa Zulu Natal Exams Board
  • Member of Premier Skills Development Committee
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Our Digital learning Strategy

IQ digital learning strategy involves promoting learning by using digital assets such as videos with animation , online courses, learning apps, podcasts, webinars and so on. In order to stay current in an incredibly dynamic workplace, it is fundamental to keep learning all the time. For businesses to survive the digital age, they need to embrace and understand why a digital learning strategy is crucial for success in this time with the avalanche of technological advancements in every industry. IQ has always embraced these changes in line with the international trends to place our clients ahead of their peers. Technology is enabling personalised learning, which is a key factor in helping people integrate learning with work therefore having a digital learning strategy enables employees to learn at their own time and own pace throughout the day.

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