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About Us

The Institute for Quality was established in 2000, at a new dawn in South African training landscape with the establishment of the Skills Development Act. Our early days were spent advising our clients and regulators on quality assurance and the skills levy system. Our Director Dr Tholsia Naidoo achieved her PhD at the time having researched the private training industry with focus on the regulatory environment. From these early days and because of frequent client requests, IQ emerged as a training provider. The industry urgently needed training of assessors, moderators and other related competencies to drive the skills development landscape in the country. We are therefore pioneers in the space! We grew to offer learnerships and skills programmes and served within the NSDS 1 to the current strategy. We have seen the transition from the Minister of Labour (in the 2000’s) to the Department of Higher Education and Training and now to include Science and Technology. This experience and knowledge allowed us to lead in the field of private education in South Africa. Our Directors have served at the cutting edge of policy development in the Training landscape in South Africa and have helped shape the private provider industry through her leadership and chairing of the National Association of Private Providers (APPETD). Dr Tholsia Naidoo currently serves as the Deputy Chair of the Quality Council for Trades and Occupation (QCTO). She also has other chairpersonship across industry bodies. We use our experience and knowledge to serve our clients with commitment and integrity. We would love an opportunity to serve you!

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