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Transport Clerk QCTO 94025

Occupational Certificate: Transport Clerk QCTO 94025 NQF 4 121 Credits

12 Months

Technology Focused Delivery : Self-directed Learning, access to support sessions and complete on line assessment through our IQ App.

Knowledge Modules :

• Health, Safety, Quality and Legislation, NQF Level 4, 8 Credits.

• Environment, Energy Efficiency and Ethics, NQF Level 4, 4 Credits.

• Industry Contexts, NQF Level 4, 7 Credits.

• Business Essentials, NQFLevel4,5Credits.

•Transport Risk, NQF Level 4, 6 Credits.

Practical Skills Modules

• Plan and prepare transportation schedule, NQF Level 4, 20 Credits.

• Co-ordinate the allocation of drivers to vehicles and confirm pre-inspection reports, NQF Level 4, 15 Credits.

• Allocate inspectors/regulators/point dispatchers to points and compile inspections/monitoring sheets and reports, NQF Level 4, 10 Credits. Total 45 Credits

Workplace Experience Modules

•Developing transport schedules, NQF Level 4, 10 Credits.

• Assigning of driver schedules and collation of trip documentation, NQF Level 4, 20 Credits. • Monitoring trips and conduct route allocation inspections, NQF Level 4, 16 Credits

• Plan and prepare transport schedule.

• Allocate and dispatch drivers to shifts.

• Monitor and inspect trips and maintain operational documents and records.

• Prepare reports for management.

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